Leigh teaches Auspicious Asana. Auspicious Asana is a yoga class, a daily practice, a conversation & an invitation. Take the seat of auspiciousness in your yoga practice & in your life. Open your heart expansively. Celebrate self discovery, challenge, growth, affirmation, joy & creativity. Breathe & move with elegance. Notice & follow your desire. Trust in the radically transformative quality of your heart. Live from inside out. Enjoy your breath; enjoy your body. Remember the ever present invitation to fully savor your embodiment and the exquisite dance of consciousness and bliss.

Leigh Aschoff who is a dedicated student of Anusara Yoga and Rajanaka Yoga. Leigh completed her Anusara teacher training with Sianna Sherman in the Fall of 2011 & is an enthusiastic student of Douglas Brooks & Tantric Philosophy. Before moving to Santa Barbara Leigh studied & practiced yoga in New York City with Elena Brower, Zhenja La Rosa, Ross Rayburn, Jorja Rivero, Tara Glazier, Sharon Kenney Rudy, Eric Stoneberg, Jordan Mallah, & Laura Juell.

For Leigh, the exquisite alignment principles of Anusara Yoga woven together with Tantric philosophy offer an endless expansion of self discovery, challenge, growth, affirmation, fun and creativity. The affirmative qualities of Anusara Yoga connect Leigh to her joy, her elegance and her desire which offer endless radical transformation to her embodiment and experience. She believes in living authentically from the inside out and offers the teachings with a soft heart and an astute awareness of biomechanics. Leigh loves mountains. She also loves self empowerment through biological and philosophical self-awareness. Leigh offers deep gratitude and respect to all her teachers and compeers.  

Styles practiced :
Anusara, Hatha, Restorative, Yin,